2016 Annual Meeting

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Pre-Conference Workshops

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How the Emergence of Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Students Affects Mission and Education

Alexandra Scott, Principal, Alex Scott Consulting

Does the dramatic appearance of transgender and gender non-binary students offer educators an opportunity to consider how curriculum and school culture may reflect previously unconsidered biases and how those biases affect all aspects of school life? This highly interactive, engaging workshop not only covers the "basics" of what it means to be transgender and gender non-binary, but also the potential impact on schools of our increasing transgender populations.    


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Erdmann Institute: Leading the Charge (SOLD OUT)

Independent school enrollment managers face an array of challenges in today’s world, but few are more important than those they encounter in their own offices. The qualities and approaches of effective leaders play a vital role in driving enrollment and creating compelling atmospheres that best support admission efforts. Through group discussions and case studies, attendees will explore important enrollment leadership traits, consider the integration of practical activities, and examine management styles as they reflect on the strengths and weaknesses in their own school contexts.